Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fall Shop

SHOP UPDATE ~ My newest creation yesterday is the small pocket in mustard and black with a blue print lining. I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's a cute size for a peg board or iron hook. The small electric candle has a blue base and can sit on a windowsill. It comes with the light bulb. I had to buy one of the soap-lotion dispensers for the kitchen. A great size. I like the way the jar tapers to a small lid. A replica of old masons in green glass. Works great! I'm making small green feather trees this year. In the photo, the base is unfinished. Thinking to stain, paint, and stencil the sides. I'll experiment with that. A couple of different hooks. I have two bee skeps that are "cured" and more to come...and I want to give a hand to making reed cloches! The scroll desk lamp is a cute item. A nice size. Takes a regular bulb. Willow tree punched tin lamp shade fits the lamp base. Both sold separately so you can choose your style of decor. Finally, I made a barn quilt for my building, and I'm thinking to make some for the shop! Much to do. I'll report back as things get completed. Wishing everyone a happy day! Terry

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